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Brick Factory Camp, Tirana

Emri Brick Factory Camp, Tirana
Vendndodhja: Tirana
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1952
Viti i Mbylljes: 1953
Burimi i Informacionit: Kastriot Dervishi

At the end of 1952 and beginning of 1953, the barbed-wire Camp 3 (later Camp 5) of Cërrik was transferred to the brick factory in Tirana. This camp’s internees were exploited for the construction of the new town’s refinery, but didn’t stay there for long.

As the Tepelena Camp was not a forced labour camp (because no work was planned there), the most able-bodied people from this camp were firstly transferred to construction site no. 216, Vlora, later on to the camp that was built by the brick factory in Tirana. The new designated worksite, the brick factory, was by the Tirana River and some hundreds of metres from the Kamza Bridge.

Work was performed in shifts: each shift needed to fulfil a production rate of 20,000 bricks. In the report dated 02 February 1953 of the Camps and Prisons Branch, it is mentioned among others that:  “All of the able-bodied were brought to work at the brick factory in Tirana, and whoever was incapacitated was collected in Camp no. 4, Tepelena.” Around 1,000 internees were estimated at that time.