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Video-testimonies/ Halil Halilaj about Spaç prison

“They opened Spaç Prison for the first time. I was young, so they assigned me as a miner. After about five days of instruction, they gave me a front there, two wagon operators, prisoners of course, and I started working, but the work was extremely difficult, underground, mine, those pyrite formations, because Spaç Mine produced pyrite for Laç Factory, and the prisoners built Laç, but I was not in that camp. The factory would take it after we extracted it, but the tunnel formations were extremely…, it was very risky there because they would always collapse, and there were gases too.

Were there any accidents during work?

There were many, and I got caught once, but thankfully it was a small black. I even have a scar here on my head, but I was lucky. There were a lot of people there; it was terrifying.

Was the food enough?

No, it wasn’t enough for the work we were doing; it wasn’t sufficient.”

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