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Unit 305, Saranda

Emri Unit 305, Saranda
Vendndodhja: Saranda
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1958
Viti i Mbylljes: 1959

Unit 305 was transferred to Saranda in 1978.  This unit was known as Unit 305/1 Përparim during 1978-1983 as Unit 305 Përparim during 1983-1991.

Unit 305/1 Përparim had a capacity of 515 people.  In the beginning of 1978, there were 506 and by the end of that year, 550 ordinary convicts.There were only two political convicts among them.

In April 1982, by request of the Executive Committee of the Saranda District’s Party Committee, 200 convicts from that camp were moved to the Limion Neighbourhood of Saranda to construct apartments.

In 1984, Unit 305 worked for the arboriculture area in Lukovë, and an autonomous unit worked to construct apartments in Saranda.

A record from 1987 mentions that there were 235 political and 928 ordinary convicts here.In 1988, 227 political convicts and 976 ordinary convicts worked here.

On 15 May 1990, the command numbered 87 political convicts (of which 3 emigrants).

This was the camp where Sami Dangëllia died on 23 April 1987, who had been sentenced to 38 years in prison and five years of internment.On 13 January 1989, at the age of 67, Catholic priest Pjetër Palok Gjeloshi died paralyzed at this camp. He had been convicted three times.