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Tërbuf Camp

Emri Tërbuf Swamp Camp
Vendndodhja: Lushnja
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1956
Viti i Mbylljes: 1958
Burimi i Informacionit: Burgjet dhe kampet e Shqipërisë komuniste, Kastriot Dervishi, ISKK publication

The purpose of this camp was drying the Tërbuf Swamp in the Lushnja District.

In 1956, 700 convicts worked in the unit. In 1957, there were 566 political convicts in the camp and not a single ordinary one.That’s the time ordinary prisoners come too.

According to a report dated 2 April 1958, there were 527 prisoners in the Tërbuf Camp, divided into five work brigades and 3 prison cells. “The camp is entirely made of enemy and dangerous elements, who had started a wide enemy activity such as organization, escape attempt, propaganda etc,” – the report states.

It is understood by one of the 1957 records that there were also seven Greeks, 18 Yugoslavs and 24 women at this camp.

In June 1958, the works on the drying of the swamp finished. This was why the camp’s transfer was requested.