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“Rrapi i Treshit” Camp No. 6, Tirana

Emri “Rrapi i Treshit” Camp No. 6, Tirana
Vendndodhja: Tirana
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1952
Viti i Mbylljes: 1953
Burimi i Informacionit: Burgjet dhe kampet e Shqipërisë komuniste, Kastriot Dervishi, ISKK publication.

The records of 1952 indicate that a labour camp numbered 6 was created that year.  Camp No. 6 was located at the so-called “Rrapi i Treshit” in Tirana.

In the beginning of 1953, 700 prisoners worked in this unit. In the command’s report, it was admitted that this camp’s prisoners were violated barbarically.  Neim Musaraj was camp commander.

The data from the biography of camp commissar Njazi Banushi indicate that the camp operated from July 1952 to September 1953. This camp’s staff was made of formerly agricultural labourers with elementary education.