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Gosë Camp

Emri Unit no. 301, in Gosë, Kavaja
Vendndodhja: Kavaja
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1951
Viti i Mbylljes: 1951
Burimi i Informacionit: Burgjet dhe kampet e Shqipërisë komuniste, Kastriot Dervishi, ISKK

Works for the Peqin-Kavaja canal started on 27 May 1951 and finished in November 1952, becoming one of the most prominent works of the first 5-year period of the communist regime.

According to the data, in Autumn 1951, Unit no. 301 was transferred from Korça to Gosë, Kavaja to open the Peqin-Kavaja irrigation canal. It is mentioned that during this period, political convict Ram Halili was killed on 26 December 1951 while attempting to escape the camp. Halili had been serving his sentence for two years. At that same date, convict Hysen Mustafa is found dead from the mines.

Camp No. 2 convicts, who worked for the Peqin-Kavaja canal, was also moved to Gosë, which appears to be the center of the camp in March 1952. They worked there for a few months and then were moved to Çengelaj and Peqin in July-August.


  • Ahmet Bushati (Maj, 1951 )
  • Ahmet Sadedin (Maj 1951)