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Re-education School, Lezha

Emri Re-education School, Lezha
Vendndodhja: Lezha
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1987
Viti i Mbylljes: 1991

The decision for the opening of the minors’ re-education school in Lezha was made on 28 October 1985 by the People’s Assembly Presidium. This decision stated that convicts aged 14–18 years old, but in special cases up to 20, would serve their sentences in this unit. These children’s parents were forced to pay a sum of money for their upbringing. Release would be made by a commission that would operate by the Executive Committee of the District’s Party Committee (Lezha was assigned).

Ten ha of agricultural land were available to the school for the minors’ engagement in labour. Even after this unit (Re-education School) became operational, the previous prison of Unit 302 was not completely emptied. In 1987, 39 ordinary convicts and 36 children worked at this unit. In 1989, this school had 104 children in for re-education.

Facing the new conditions in the country after 1990, on 13 April 1991, the re-education school was transferred to Lezha forestry state enterprise.