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“Ylli i Kuq” Camp, Valias

Emri “Ylli i Kuq” Camp, Valias
Vendndodhja: Valias
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1948
Viti i Mbylljes: 1952
Burimi i Informacionit: Kastriot Dervishi,

One of the most unknown barbed-wire fenced camps was that known as number 3. This camp mainly held Albanians from the south of the country and Greek minority members. The camp was opened in 1948 by the “Ylli i Kuq” Farm in Valias in tents and sheds, old houses. Internees and prisoners were held here for forced labour. In the beginning, the camp served as a site to hold “Greek monarchic-fascists”, as well as German POWs. Internees worked in agriculture. According to the report dated 13 August 1948, 89 internees went to work, including children, for three hours every day. In January – May 1950, around 200 German POWs worked here. Due to the harsh conditions in this camp, eight people died in 1949, of which four children.

According to the 1950 records, this was a yearly dynamic for the internees in Valias.

-Total: 475 – 820 people.

-70 – 152 men

-164 – 130 women

-500 – 800 children

In 1951, on average the camp had:

-Total: 741 (January) – 872 (September)

-161 – 193 men

-284 – 325 women

-296 – 350 children

In 1952, on average the camp had:

-In total: on average there were 400 internees.

-Around 120 men

-Around 190 women

-Around 90 children

In 1952 this camp was moved from Valias to Cërrik.