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Unit No. 328, Bënça

Emri Unit No. 328, Bënça
Vendndodhja: Bënça
Viti i Ndërtimit: 1960
Viti i Mbylljes: 1990

The Bënça Prison was constructed in 1960 with a capacity of around 70 people. It was a “spare” prison in case of wars. It operated in the years 1970 – 1973, when it was known by number 307 and there were antiparty group political prisoners there. The prison was re-opened in October 1989. Records received from the Tepelena Branch of Internal Affairs mention that the prison had a capacity of 24 dormitories. The prison was opened with 13 convicts who seem to have been in Tepelena, and another 76 were added from the country’s prisons. Therefore, the prison had 89 ordinary prisoners at first. Almost all prisoners worked. The prison’s statistical note does not provide details on works they could perform. The prisoners in fact worked for the construction of buildings in the town of Memaliaj. The final official data from the Tepelena Prison are those of 1990. In January 1990 the prison’s capacity was 90 people. There were 84 prisoners there. All prisoners worked. In the prison statistics, their work is not specified, but it is believed that they have worked in construction and works such as wood cutting near the prison. The maximum figure is reached in July – August 1990 with 93 convicts. In October, there are 72 convicts. The number falls to 63 prisoners in November. In the second half of 1990, the number of labouring convicts is halved.