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Video-testimonies/ Kristo Mema about Spaç prison

“Very hard. So the temperature in the gallery was 30 degrees C. You would undress with just your underwear… Sweat would come out without touching the shovel yet!

Did you need to meet a quota?

Indeed, the quota was quite high. They were Polish wagons, which took 700 kilos, and we did 20 wagons like that, three people.

What happened to the one who did not meet the quota?

Everyone, all night long, would work on the cable car. All night. It was impossible. Or he would be tied to the pole all the time if he didn’t reach the quota until 8 o’clock. After 8 hours if he continued like that he would still be tied. When it got cold, you could freeze. The guards would take him, light the fire, heat him, so that he could melt. This is also a strange thing, doctors were also discussing this at that time because this is a strange force. That is, a person can freeze and live, melt and live. Even science doesn’t accept it, but God…!”

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