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Video-testimonies/ Mark Nika about Spaç prison

“In the camp, the guards had the duty to punish those who did not work and send them back to work to meet the quota. They were not allowed to return to the camp until the quota was met. I remember one case. We were in Rubik. It was the year 1965.

It was morning, as soon as they sent us to work. It was a December day; it was very cold. Ice had formed, there were two or three cm of ice in the puddles where the bulldozers had dug. A prisoner tried to run to cross the encircling wires.

He passed the first wires, and the soldiers on patrol shot him with an automatic rifle, a submachine gun…He passed the first, the second enclosure. He was a young man from Lezha. They killed him in the third enclosure in Rubik. The camp commander was Bajram Korvarfa.

He came, informed all the guards, and gathered all the prisoners in one place. Then he started speaking. I forget the name of the one who was killed. He said, “All of you will suffer the fate of this one…”

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