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Video-testimonies/ Hajro Sejdini about Spaç prison

“How did prison staff behave with prisoners?

We had the staff there… it was local, from Mirdita. There were 4-5 gentlemen there, one Gjet Qubi, another one, a Prenga, Mark Qubi, I don’t know, they were good guys, they didn’t bother you in vain. But there were some there: one Preng Rrapi , another Ndue here and there, who beat you senselessly. Even there, if you ended up in the punishment cell in Spaç, especially during winter, if you were sentenced to 15 days or if they increased it because you were not working according to the requirements, you were at risk of not making it out at all.”

Have there been accidents or mistreatment in prison?

Yes, yes, there were beatings from time to time, but that camp was ruined after the revolt, the famous Spaç Revolt indeed. It was ruined right there and then. Guards became all-powerful. They didn’t even care about officers and commanders, at all. They would beat you black and blue.”

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