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Virtual Museum – Tepelena Camp

Virtual Museum – Tepelena Camp

➡️For the first time in Albania, a missing camp of the dictatorship comes rebuilt in 3D Graphics. The Institute for the Study of the Crimes and Consequences of Communism – ISKK, and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung released this ten-minute film, thanks to its graphic architecture and original survivor stories. This product physically brings back to the memory of former political prisoners the drama of that camp. This is the first time that indoor and outdoor facilities of the Tepelena camp are shown reconstructed in the video.

The narrative of the film is based on the detailed oral descriptions of some of the survivors of this camp: Azis Ndreu, Klora Mirakaj, Simon Mirakaj, Kurt Kola, Lek Perviz, Vasil Kokali, Qamil Merlika. For such a masterful visual reproduction of the camp images, the graphic artist and director have referred to Lek Perviz’s sketches. For all the details, the team has worked in close and continuous consultation with Azis Ndreu.

➡️Production team: Produced by Barraka Production Luljeta Lleshanaku / screenwriter, Elton Baxhaku / director, Klit Burda / 3D artist, Royald Elezaj / director of photography, Agron Tufa / project director.

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