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Video-testimonies/ Nuri Çeloaliaj about Spaç prison

Spaç Prison, more severe than any other prison because apart from suffering and torture, there was another thing: sick or not, you would go to work and if you did not do the work, they would drag you along. There was even a cooperative boss who said: “those who don’t do work, put them on a stretcher, send them to the camp on a stretcher, let them die there in solitary”. In other words, “you work at all costs because you are an enemy of the people”. What can I say? A lot happened there! There… even the animals cannot live that long, 50-60 people in one room, three floors of rooms, there was no air.

Were the bunk beds three-tier?

Three-tier. There was no air. The tunnel couldn’t be worse!

How did the guards treat you?

They obeyed orders. The order was clear. The order was: Either the quota, or the stretcher! When the commander, the operative, the boss, the commissar says so, what would they do? They got money for that work. Admittedly, some among them were quite savage, but there were also good men; we have to call it like we see it.

Have relatives come to visit you in prison?

To tell you the truth, my wife came once a year. Sometimes, one of the brothers… Two brothers were inside, where would they come first?! My brother-in-law, locked up.

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