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Video-testimonies/ Vaskë Orgocka about Spaç prison

“Yes, in Spaç. I was in the mine, I also worked as a free man here, in Mborje-Drenovë, and when I went to Spaç , I saw the mine there too, but the change was extremely big. In the Spaç Mine, where the prisoners worked, it was not a mine, or rather, people were not counted as human beings, but as tools of labor.

Only to produce that mineral that they called necessary, necessary for the factories to work, there the man was not counted as a man, there the man was counted equal to a shovel, to a pickaxe. Even the guards were ordered, or so they felt, I don’t know, but when an accident happened and someone died, they would rejoice, show joy and say: “One less problem, one less enemy.” And these accidents were not few.

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