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Video- testimonies: Agim Musta about Burrel prison

Agim Musta:  “Burrel Prison was true hell. Over 200 people died there. There was almost no food. Family visits happened only once a month, with great restriction. Therefore, different kinds of diseases led to the death of more than 200 people.

Prisoners had a fixed schedule. Waking up was at 5:00 am.

Then there was roll call. Burrel Prison had ten rooms, called cones (kaush) and 30 cells. It was parallelepiped shaped. This was the entrance to the prison. This was the prison directorate. Outside there was a construction canal. Rooms started: one, two, three, four, five. Then there were 30 cells, one after another.

Cells were used to isolate so-called ‘dangerous elements’. Elements that tried to escape.

Discipline was quite severe. Lunch merely consisted of bean, pasta, or rice soup. There was no breakfast. Dinner only had a glass of sugarless tea. This was our daily diet. This certainly led to several diseases, consequently
leading to many political prisoners perishing.

This was Burrel Prison.



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